Call it a truck driver's beast friend. It's an electronic flare, a torch and a powerful area light all in one small, handy, durable, battery-powered package. At the turn of a switch, a red-orange flare loudly and clearly says caution alerting oncoming traffic to the trucker's presence on the highway. Turn the switch again and the tool becomes an area light to inspect your load, tie downs, brakes, tyres etc. When turning the switch a third time and your versatile, hand-held, 3-in-1 combo becomes a torch which is more powerful than most on the market today.

3-in-1 Combo features:

1) Electronic flare - 1020 lumens of red/orange flicking light.

2) Torch - 340 lumens of cool white light in a focused beam.

3) Area Light - 840 lumens of cool white light, a full-field-view wall of light.

This trucker's friend is called the LMPRO 3-in-1 Combo It is a product of Lightmodule Inc., San Jose, California based maker of the world's first totally green portable lighting system. More than most motorists, truckers know that you can never be too careful when it comes to roadside safety. 

With the 'Built to Last' rugged design of LMPRO it can be used in rain, sleet or snow with confidence. It is the equivalent of a 60-Watt light bulb to help you see through any mechanical difficulties, and features a long-life battery with quick recharge time.