This edition features new products from Vallfirest, Stewart and Heaton and Scotty Fire Fighter, together with old favourites such as Solberg Fire Brake, A Class Fire fighting foam and the legendary DIAL A JET rotary bush fire nozzle.

Our feature product is the new AS/NZ certified VF2 multipurpose Helmet from Vallfirest.

The VF 2 multipurpose helmet is extremely lightweight, comfortable and features an innovative magnetic chin clasp and slim line accessory clips to attach hearing protection and face masks.

We are also excited to announce a new partnership as a distributor for Davey pumps;  manufacturers of the famous Davey Honda firefighter and flood fighter pump. 

Need a turnkey solution when buying a Davey Pump?   about your next pump purchase.

We can custom fit your pump with quality equipment within your budget and performance expectations. 

New Bush Fire apparel from Stewart & Heaton......find out more in Cooeee News

Bush fire fighting is hard work, when all else fails you need to get back to basics and pick up the bush fire hand tools.  

Let BRT make it a little easier for you this fire season. 

The popular Gorgi Supertool from Vallfirest, a four in one alternative to a rake, McLeod tool, Pulaski and axe.  The Gorgi lightweight and ergonomic design makes "light" of hard work.  

The Gorgi is also now available with a "screw and lock" removable head, the ideal solution when stowage space is limited.

What a Whacker!

Another proven performer is the Ezybeat fire beater from Big Red truck. 

Ezybeat is made from fire resistant material and features an ergonomically shaped handle to reduce hand stress and improve comfort.  

For best results, simply raise the beater horizontally to approx mid thigh height, and drop directly onto the's that easy!

We hope you enjoy this months edition.....of Cooeee News..... feel free to call or email us with any questions or comments.