Night Stick Torches and Headlamps for Hazardous and Explosive Classified zoned Environments

Using flashlights in explosive and hazardous environments, can have fatal consequences if users do not understand the specific zoning requirement of their workplace and ensure their selection is certified to recognised standard and gas class classification. People who do not know better, like to use the word “intrinsically safe” Nothing should be assumed “intrinsically safe” unless it is tested certified and marked for use used in a specific environment.

Zone classifications are classed according to risk.

 In Australia, IEC Ex and the ATEX directive are the only recognised standards for explosive and hazardous environments that determine or reference where intrinsically approved torches or devices should only be used.

Always make sure that the flashlight is clearly marked with the approved classification. If your flashlight is not marked as such it is highly likely that it is not approved for use in an explosive or hazardous environment.

The markings indicate specific zone ratings, temperature and gas classes that the device is approved to use in a high risk classified zoned area.

Nightstick manufacture specific IEC and ATEC certified flashlights and headlamp models rated and approved for use in explosive and hazardous environments.

BRT Fire and Rescue Supplies is the importer, distributor and stockist for Nightstick IEC ex and ATEX intrinsically safe certified flashlights in Australia.