A Fire Control Officer for the Sutherland Shire Council, began using Solberg Fire-Brake™ 3150A (Class A) Foam Concentrate after the fire, fuelled by 30,000 tyres, had been smouldering for 15 hours. Almost immediately, a spot which had been flaring was brought under control with a 3/4” hand line and the Brigade was able to enter the site.

The NSW Bush Fire Brigade demonstrated the fire could have been controlled in less than three hours if a particular type of fire fighting foam had been used. Designed for use in bush fire control, the Solberg foam is also suitable for Class A fire situations - those involving wood, rubber and plastics.

“ The breakthrough occurred with the use of Solberg Foam - Fire Brake™ 3150A at 8.00 a.m.” said Sutherland Shire Council.