In 1962 Bill Allender began manufacturing boots in his garage at the rear of his Preston home after 40 years of gaining experience in footwear design and development. By 1972, Bill’s son Russell had taken over the helm and was producing a small range of safety boots to the Australian Standard AS/NZ 2210-2 along with ankle boots for industry and the Department of Defence. In October 1996 Highmark Shoes (Taipan ®) became the first company in the world to install a Main Group machine that could produce the revolutionary DDR® (dual density rubber) moulded soles. Highmark Shoes (Taipan ®) produced a range of footwear under the Taipan ® label, and over the next 13 years held supply contracts with various entities including the ADF, various Police, Fire and Emergency Agencies.

Russell Allender sold the company in 2006 and retired leaving Vince Bellina and Ordi Mitkoski as owners, for approx 5 years, who then ceased trading in July 2011. Taipan Footwear was purchased and re-established by Skyrange Footwear Pty Ltd, a partnership of both dedicated and experienced Australian Manufacturing and International Footwear Manufacturing, both of whom have a long history of successful quality and manufacturing expertise. This partnership, comprising: Kelvin Ryan, Lawrence Ryan, Wennywaty Halim, Marissa Salim, took effect on February 25, 2012 and production commenced on March 5, 2012. First orders were received on March 7, 2012 and were quickly addressed and supplied.