The Binder Lift is an emergency patient lifting device designed specifically for the Paramedic and Fire Departments.

One does not have to go to any great distance to discover a person within the Emergency Service Departments with a back problem. Unfortunately close to 50% of paramedics, firefighters and emergency personel are taken out of work temporarily at least once in their work life due to lifting a patient with the same lifting techniques deemed as ’safe'. Around 25% of those emergency services personel never return to their job. It’s a tragic statistic but the solution has finally arrived to put an end to the uncertainty in your work.

The Binder Lift is that very solution many have been waiting for. This patient lifting device is the first of it’s kind, ingeniously built to last in the untrustworthy manufacturing era of today. 

Dan Binder is the inventor, but without his wife Julie, he may of never provided such an answer to an overlooked problem. Julie was working as a paramedic at the time the idea came to Dan. It was 2012, New Year’s Day. Julie had to personally lift up an enormous number of drunk patients of all shapes and sizes and load them into her ambulance. Frustrated, she later informs Dan of the issue, which then inspired the idea that was a long time coming for Emergency Services around the world.

The Binder Lift allows those who are lifting a patient the opportunity to safely do so. Not only is it safer for you, but the patient too. Made from Corder Denier 1000 Nylon, with 2" Polypropylene Web Strapping. There are 19-25 handles (depending on size) in a 360 degree fashion, making the job immeasurably easier. Even the patient’s are satisfied with Cushioned Top Edge and Torso Wrap Design that reduces bruising and skin tears, while providing them with the security and stabilisation they’ve never had before. Even when things get messy, it provides a barrier between yourself and the patient, along with protecting your equipment from contamination.

The 2 years following its release, the Binder Lift received awards by JEMS as the Hot Product of the Year, not once, but twice.

It really is ‘The Safer Way to Lift, Because Humans Don’t Come with Handles.’

Binder Lift is available in 3 models, Original, Plus and Ultra

Binder Lift MXBinder Lift MX PlusBinder Lift MX Ultra

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