Dear AFAC Delegate

On behalf of BRT Fire and Rescue Supplies we take this opportunity to thank all delegates for visiting our exhibit at AFAC 2013 in Melbourne. It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase many of our new products and speak to people from all over the country.

AFAC 2013 was also the official launch of BRT’s “Big Red Truck” brand as well as many new agency lines such as Cutters Edge Rescue Saws, Fox Fury Lighting, Pharobit DSU Torches, Covex Stabilisation, Dragon Force Rescue Tools and Robopak portable power solutions.

Visiting Australia from Spain and joining our display was Javier Baena of Vallfirest Technologies who spoke with delegates about the new Aust/NZ approved VF2 Bush Fire and Rescue helmet, the newly designed Vallfirest knapsack and the incredibly functional Gorgi hand tool

BRT Fire and Rescue Supplies were also very proud to partner with Taipan footwear at AFAC and share the excitement of their welcomed return of the complete range to the Australian market.

Many those who visited our stand at AFAC have asked to subscribe to our Cooee newsletter and requested back copies of previous editions.

BRT Fire and Rescue Supplies are well known for quality and trusted brands, such as Akron Brass, Mica Torches, Scotty Fire Fighter, Firedex , Stewart,  and Heaton Clothing and Soleburg Foam. We invite you to visit our website or contact our team at

Thank you once again and we look forward to speaking with you soon!