BRT Fire and Rescue Supplies are a proud distributor of Akron Brass Fire Fighting and Severe Duty equipment. To assist you with choosing the right Akron Monitor / Water Cannon we have some important questions below to consider:

  • Will you be using a 'pressure' or 'volume' water pump?
  • In litres per minute, what flowrate will the water pump produce at the monitor?
  • What pressure in (kPa or PSI) would your pump produce at the monitor?
  • What application will your Akron Monitor be used for? ie Fire Fighting, Severe Duty, Washdown etc.
  • Would you prefer a Manual, Hydraulic or Electric operated Akron Monitor?
  • Would you prefer a Manual or Joystick Controlled Monitor / Water Cannon?
  • Would an Akron Brass Straight Stream Nozzle or Fog / Jet Nozzle be more suitable?
  • Will you be requiring Fire Fighting Foam to be inducted at the nozzle?

These are just some questions that might assist you when choosing your Akron Brass Product, if you have further questions please contact the team at BRT Fire and Rescue Supplies >