Safety of both operator and equipment are two of the most important aspects to consider when searching for an emergency portable LED lighting solution.

The Lightmodule LMPRO is a portable electronic LED flare which can be used in many types of scenarios, such as the use of a road side warning flare in road blocks, crash scenes, vehicle extrication type situations. Other uses in which the LMPRO can be used are area lighting for emergency work or materials handling, rail and transport signalling, aviation warning beacons and emergency service.

The LMPRO features 360° Light with up to 16 hours of light per charge. The visibility on land is 8km and a whopping 30km visibility range from air to ground. The Lightmodule LMPRO is water resistant, impact resistant and built to last.

All LMPRO 3-in-1 Combination Units feature Flare mode, Area Light mode and Torch mode.

The Lightmodule LMPRO uses a unique design NiMh battery which lasts up to 1000 recharge cycles!