The majority of emergency incidents require combined interaction between multiple agency groups such as Fire and Rescue, Ambulance, Police and Mines Rescue. These emergency events may also involve loca, state and federal government agencies.

Incident Command Management at any level should have the ability to capture all critical event information including all resources such as the positioning and movement of operational vehicles and personnel.

The concept of Incident Management is based upon three core fundamentals. These core fundamentals include Command, Control and Co-ordination. In a professionally managed response environment, the control would generally be undertaken by one single person who is commonly known as the "Incident Controller".

When in different circumstances the Incident Controller may be required to form a support team or task force to assist with the planning and co-ordination on the event. At all times it is extremely important that all liaison officers have sufficient training and the authority to communicate on behalf of the agency they represent.

BRT Fire and Rescue Supplies are proud to be distributors of a range of Incident Command solutions designed especially for the management of onsite incidents and emergency response operations. These products include small incident command systems such as folders, and soft bag kits, to hard case portable work station incident command systems.