What does this mean to mines and industry?

  • Fluorochemicals found in AFFF's, FFFP's and Fluoroprotein foams pose very significant risks to the environment through their extreme persistence, bioaccumulation potential and toxicity.
  • Use of foams that contain the fluorinated organic compounds (PFOS and PFOA or any compound that degrades or converts to those Compounds) are not to be used, on-sold, traded or otherwise provided to any person other than for the purposes of proper disposal - must be withdrawn from service immediately and managed as a regulated waste.
  • Any use of fluorine foams must be fully and completely contained.

What is the solution for mines and industry?

Answer: Fluorine-Free - Solberg RF Re-Healing™ Class B and Solberg Fire-Brake Class A Foams.

Qld Fire and Emergency Services, NSW Fire and Rescue Services, Melbourne Fire Brigade and Air services Australia (21 major airports in Australia) are just a few who have converted over to the Solberg RF RE-HEALING™ Foams due to high fire performance and the environment.