Lightmodule's LMPRO 2-in-1 Combo is an intelligent LED based utility light that is both a LED Flare and an LED Area Light all in the one electronic light head. Producing 850 lumens of light in 360° "Flare" mode and 480 lumens of white light in 180° "Area Light" mode. (Wall of light)

All Lightmodule LMPRO units use an intelligent fuel gauge which indicate when battery is greater than 50% by displaying a Green LED, and Less than 50% by displaying a Red LED. When approximately one hour of on-time is left, the unit will automatically change to strobe mode to preserve battery life.

The LMPRO is built to withstand tough conditions such as rain, fog or snow!

Applications used:- Road Blocks, Crash Scenes, Vehicle Extrication, Crown Control, Aviation, Transportation Signalling.

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