At BRT Fire and Rescue Supplies we are proud to be a distributor of Akron Brass.

No matter how good or robust a water cannon is, it is the nozzle that determines performance and quality of the water stream. It is critical that the nozzle is matched to the flow capability from the pump, pipework and water cannon. The Severe Duty nozzles by Akron Brass have been designed for heavy duty work cycles in extreme mining and industrial environments. All Akron Brass severe duty nozzles are manufactured from high grade "red" brass and stainless steel, with components able to withstand the corrosive and poor water qualities found in these tough environments. 

The Akron Brass Severe Duty Nozzle range is availabe in Manual, Electric and Hydraulic configurations according to the end users' requirement. All Severe Duty Nozzles have internal stream shapers to maximise reach and performance. Please see following models:-

Severe Duty Monitor 3491 Electric Nozzles: - 4462, 4471, 3297

Severe Duty Monitor 3492 Hydraulic Nozzles:- 4463, 4472, 3298

Severe Duty Manual Monitor 3528 Nozzles:- 4450, 4461

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Akron Brass Rampage Severe Duty Nozzle