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PAF-100 Torch + DSU

PAF-100 Torch + DSU

The PAF-100 is a Distress Signal Unit (DSU) also knowns as Personal Alert Safety System (PASS) designed to protect firefighters and rescue personnel. Featuring the latest digital technology, the PAF-100 is the most valuable tool for recognizing a downed firefighter. Should no movement be detected the PAF-100 goes into alert phase giving firefighters the opportunity to reset without causing false alarms to others. Should no movement be detected after 15 seconds a 96db siren will activate through a 3 stage alert. When in alert mode the LED torch will simultaneously activate producing a visual position of the fallen firefighter. Also fitted with a Laser Pointer, Window Breaker, Smoke Filter, Colour Signals and designed to be Waterproof. The PAF-100 is truly the most advanced Personal Distress Signal System available.

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